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    Past Life Pets empowers you to see into your previous lifetimes; experience relationships, return to places you visited, and find out what took place in order to get a greater understanding and appreciation for your pet in the present.

    Anne Jirsch, internationally recognized psychic and best-selling author will be your guide into the supernatural realm of your past to discover the true identity of your soul.

    Centered upon the belief in reincarnation, Past Life Pets will help you attain insights into the survival of your soul after death and explain past encounters with your pet.

    You may live through multiple lifetimes in order to learn and grow. Based upon the spiritual realm of "past life regression", this app introduces new and revolutionary hypnosis techniques to recover your memories of past lives or incarnations.

    Spiritually inclined pet owners are raving about Past Life Pets, a powerful iPhone app providing answers to why you feel deep bond with your beloved pet. Each experience is fascinating and unique.

  • “My Past Life Pet session was the last thing I expected. I saw myself riding a huge, black, elegant horse and ‘knew’ it was my now tiny little dog. We often joke that he thinks he is bigger than he is – now we know why. Fantastic experience!”

    John K., London

  • “From the first moment we met, my cat has stuck to me like glue and now that I have seen our past lives I can understand why – we have been through so much together in many lifetimes… The message was clear – we can rely on each other.”

    Shelly B, New York City.

  • “Thank you so much, my pet regression was a very powerful experience. I can now see that I owe her and boy does she know it. My dog is treated like royalty with the finest food, the softest bed. But she deserves it.”

    Peter, Scotland

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